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Facial Cosmetic Surgery


  • Facial Lifting: It is a surgical technique used to stretch skin and to re-posit muscles and tissues. [More about Lifting]
  • Rhinoplasty : Is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. The whole surgery is performed from within the nose, leaving behind no visible scars. [More about Rhinoplasty]
  • Otoplasty: It is the surgery used to replace ears in its habitual place. It is done with only one incision on the back surface on the ear which is almost imperceptible since it is hidden behind the organ. [More about Rhinoplasty]
  • Mentoplasty: When the chin is recessed, the profile’s defect is clearly evident. The surgery is performed by placing a semisolid silicone implant, according to the defect to be covered [More about Mentoplasty].
  • Blepharoplasty: It is the technique used to remove the sad and tired look produced when upper eyelids drop down and upper as well as lower eyelids show puffy bags. [More about Blepharoplasty]
  • Hair Micro Implant: This technique consists in removing from the occipital (back) areas a strip of scalp, out of which all micro implants are extracted under magnifying glasses or microscope. [More about Hair Micro Implant].

Body Cosmetic Surgery


  • Breast Augmentation: Is the surgery used to increase the size of the breast or bust. At present, mammary implants are very safe, since they use high quality and latest generation prosthesis. [More about Augmentative Mastoplasty].
  • Breast Reduction: This is the technique used when breast are too large and it consists of the removal of the excess of breast tissue corresponding to each hypertrophy.[More about Reductive Mastoplasty]. |
  • Breast Lift: It is the procedure used when breasts sag due to breastfeeding, weight loss or ageing, with minimal scars, either periaerolar, scars or vertical scars, or inverted-T scars. [More about Mastopexy].
  • Gynecomasty: It is the abnormal enlargement of the breast tissue in men. [More about Gynecomasty].
  • Abdominal dermolipectomy: It is the surgery of the pendular abdomen, in general, found in women after pregnancy or in persons who have lost a lot of weight. [More about Abdominal dermolipectomy].
  • Abdominal Mini Dermolipectomy: When abdominal flaccidity is not so large, this surgery can be applied without the need of lifting the navel. [More about Abdominal Mini Dermolipectomy].
  • Thigh Dermolipectomy: It is the surgery used to remove flaccidity from the thigh’s inner face. [More about Thigh Dermolipectomy].
  • Arms Dermolipectomy: It is the surgery used to remove flaccidity from arms. [More about Arms Dermolipectomy].
  • Liposuction: It is the surgery used to remove excess fat with very thin cannulas leaving almost invisible tiny scars and to model body contouring. [More about Liposuction].
  • Scars: All kind of scars and burn sequelae can be repaired with surgical and non-surgical treatments. [More about Scars].
  • Removal Tatoos: In general, treatment on large tatoos leave pigmented scars or sequelae. [More about Tatoos].

Repair, Reconstructive and Burn Surgery


  • Repair Surgery is applied to restore the normal function of an organ. [More about Repair Surgery].
  • Reconstructive Surgery is the surgery aiming at the reconstruction of an organ showing some destructive effect. [More about Reconstructive Surgery].
  • Burns are injures caused in live tissues by different physical, chemical or biological agents. [More about Burns].